Dreamv Order

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spring has finally arrived and Summer is  coming closer, so I felt like ordering some new clothes and shoes from Dreamv 

They have so many nice new items this season, and there will probably be even more very soon!

I can't wait to expand and update my wardrobe for this summer 

(Picture to the left: Cinderella Yukata in Black)
Salopette in Pink & Ribbon Blouse in White

Heart Heels in Baby Pink & Ribbon Heels in Baby Pink


  1. I just bought those heart heels in baby pink, they're so cute ;o;

  2. Jag tittade också på "hängsle-shortsen" och kimonon^^
    När jag räknade ihop vad allt jag vill ha från Dreamv kostar, blev det 8.555kr! xD

  3. I agree, Dreamv is a great store! :D
    My friend bought the exact same yukata for an upcoming event over here.

  4. i want those overalls.. or shorts. haha so cute.

    xoxo Sarah


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