Angel Heart Nails / Sayuri's New Bed

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I got my nails done again (clear extensions only) when we were on tour, and I painted and decorated them myself as soon as I came home. I really liked the design I did last time, so I went for something similar this time too!

I also found and bought a cute new bed for my little princess! Her old bed was way too small for her since she got it when she was still a puppy, hehe  I feel like I talk way too little about Sayuri on my blog. She really is the apple of my eye, so I would love to tell you more about her in the future! 


  1. AAAAAAH your doggie is so adorable!!! <3 And beautiful <3 And your nails are cute as well!

  2. Your nails are so cute!
    I also have a very similar bed to this for Lola! \(^.^)/

  3. aww how cute pink bed for dog x3 ~
    & the nails is so pretty :33

  4. Aww what a cute doggie :3
    And I really love your nails!!
    They are so kawaii *-*

  5. I love your nails and Sayuri is so cute! ^^

  6. Omfg those nails are so beautiful <3 I really wish I could have nails like that *_*