2 Outfits - Princess Melody & Dreamv

Thursday, May 30, 2013

I recently received some clothes I ordered from Taobao & Dreamv. These are currently my two favorite outfits!

Left: Princess Melody Dress, Princess Melody Choker & Hair Accessory, My Melody Bag, Dreamv Ribbon & Heart Heels
Right: Dreamv Shirt, Dreamv Salopette, Rilakkuma Bag, Dreamv Ribbon & Heart Heels

The Princess Melody Dress is definitely the prettiest dress I've ever owned. The color and design is just perfect! Also, the Princess Melody Choker and Hair accessory really completes the look. 

I'm also very fond of this outfit from Dreamv too though. I like how it's casual but at the same time very cute and sweet. The Rilakkuma Bag I added to this outfit was an early Birthday Gift from Mimi~ I like it a lot! 

I have a few other clothes I would like to show you, and I'm still expecting some orders to arrive, so stay tuned for more coord pics! Take Care, lovelies~


  1. ♥ You are so pretty! Love both outfits! ♥

  2. Both outfits re cute, but first one with ponytails is just perfect! I love your hairstyle, dress, shoes, everything! <3 U re such a amazing Hime!

  3. The outfits look really cute :3 Love the shoes~

  4. OMG So adorable! <3 You always look so cute and perfect! <3

  5. I adore these two outfits! You give me a bit of hope too as my boobs will look like this in PM clothes, looks great on you <3

    Where did you get the Rilakkuma bag? it's ridiculously adorable! xoxo

  6. Such a cute outfit! You look stunning!


  7. Satan så fin du äääär!
    Ska du åka med Yohio till Orsa imorgon? För jag bor i Orsa, och jag skulle nästan göra vad som helst för att träffa dig, haha (fangiiiirlar här :( )
    Jag kommer antagligen att gå runt där på campingen hela dagen och om jag ser dig så skulle jag bli jätteglaaad! Finns det ens en chans att man kan se dig?
    För hur ofta kommer någon som man seriöst "avgudar" till sin by?
    Hoppas verkligen att du kommer till Orsa också och att jag kanske ser dig! :D

  8. eeeeeps! your salopette is adorable, you suit both outfits so much :D

  9. you look so wonderful :D:D