Rakuten Shopping (SUPER LOVERS & Dreamv)

Monday, March 4, 2013

I've been in love with SUPER LOVERS and have been wanting to buy myself some clothes from them for a long time, and I finally placed my first order from their Store at Rakuten! 

Shiny Riders Jacket (Black) & LOVER'S ROCK High Sole Sneakers (Pink)

PORNO KILL Tank Top (Pink) & PORNO KILL Tank Top (Blue)

LOVER'S ROCK Sarouel Pants (Black)

I originally only wanted to buy the pants, but I just had to get a complete outfit, especially since the prices were extremely reduced! The only item that was still full price were the shoes.

I also placed a small order at Dreamv.
Ripped Skinny Jeans in Black Denim & Dolly Pumps in Black

I'm looking forward to receive all of it! These items are the complete opposite of what I usually wear, but I really want to update my wardrobe and have a more versatile style from now on!


  1. the DreamV shoes are so cute! I finally ordered my first purchase from DreamV this weekend too :D

  2. Wow! Those items are completely different for you but they look good!

  3. the shoes!! they are cute :)

    xoxo Sarah

  4. Always fun with a different style :) love the jeans ^^

  5. Åh skorna är så fina! Funderar på att beställa sånna jag med ^-^ Men skulle du kunna lägga upp bilder på hur byxorna sitter sen? Sjukt snygga också! :'3


  6. lin, please, kan du hjälpa mig, jag har oxå beställt kläder från den japanska sidan rakuten, men ja vet inte hur lång tid de kommer ta eller nånting, och jag mejlar dom men de svarar inte, fast de har dragit pengar från min mammas konto! hur gjorde du? snälla svara<3

    1. När du beställer från Rakuten ska du få en orderbekräftelse till din mail. Det kan ta upp till två veckor tills kläderna kommer fram (^_^)


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