PS2 Finds: Persona 4, Final Fantasy XII & Okami

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I had a couple of free hours when I was working in Stockholm during Melodifestivalen, so me and JENZiiH took the opportunity to do some shopping in Vällingby City while we were there. We stopped by at GAME, and I happened to find these 3 PS2 games for a really good price! 

I rarely have time to play video games nowadays, but I just had to buy them anyway since I thought that I'd want to play some "new" games once start playing again! I've heard many good things about all 3 of these, so I'm not quite sure which one to play first, but right now I'm mostly curious about Okami since I hardly know anything about it all. Hm, which one would you play first?


  1. Awesome games you bought there! o:
    I would play Persona 4 first, I think it's the most awesome (dramatic Story, Visual Novel Style etc.)
    Have fun!

  2. They look really awesome! I have playstation2 too, but I really check out if there are some cool used games :( Have to start doing that ;)

  3. persona!!
    playing this with friends atm and i'm so in love!♥

  4. Yaaay~ games ♥♥ Lovely!! (*uu*) Good choices!!

  5. Ah, persona is a really good game!Play that one first! *-*


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