MAM MAXICIMAM Sol Ciel Sweet Bunny☆Series

Sunday, March 17, 2013

MAM MAXICIMAMのソルシエールうさちゃんのスウィート☆シリーズ


MAXICIMAM (マキシマム) is a japanese brand that targets Punk & Lolita Fashion. I found out about them and this cute MAM MAXICIMAM series when I was reading KERA Vol.176.

MA MAXICIMAM explores the world of punk and gothic, MAM MAXICIMAM targets Lolita, and Nekomimi Maxicimam uses cats and ears for its main theme. Their concept is to have absolutely no rules and no limits against combining different tastes.

I'm happy to say that MAXICIAM also have international shops for oversea customers at Rakuten & CDJapan.

They have so much cute clothing and goods, so make sure to check out their shop if you like this series!



  1. It's a shame they don't sell the bunny garter on its own. ;A; That's what I really want from all this! *A*

  2. The have so sweet stuff!<3


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