GEO Bambi Princess Mimi Apple Green (Sponsored)

Monday, March 18, 2013



Diameter: 15.0mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 Year
Manufacturer: Geo (Princess Mimi/Bambi Series)


I really like this design! The thick limbal ring gives the eyes a dolly look, and the speckled two-tone pattern blends in perfectly with the natural iris. The only thing that slightly bothers me is that the limbal ring is taking over a bit too much in my opinion.


The main color of these lenses is green with a hint of brown in the center, just like my natural eye color! But like I mentioned earlier, I think that there's a bit too much black going on since I really wish that the green color would show up more than it does.

Daylight (Indoors) 

Daylight (Outdoors)

With Flash


These make my eyes look huge, but I don't think that it's too overwhelming. The thick limbal ring contributes a lot to the great enlargement.


One of the most comfortable lenses I've ever worn! Even after wearing them for several hours I almost forgot that I was wearing them.


The Geo Princess Mimi Series are probably one of the most popular series on the market right now. This particular pair is now one of my new favorites, replacing the Geo Princess Mimi Sesame Grey lenses. I used to neglect green lenses since I already have green eyes, but after trying these I really want to try out more green lenses. Even though they make my eyes look really big and dolly, I still think that they look somewhat natural and that they're perfectly suitable for everyday use.

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  1. you are Yohios makeup artist, right?

  2. what are the bottom lashes you are wearing? and I love the color of the contacts!


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