EYEMAZING (アイメイジング) COSMELINE Cheek Color Shell Pink & Lavender Review

Friday, March 22, 2013

(Sorry for the blurry pictures. My camera doesn't want to be my friend anymore)

Packaging & Pan 

The packaging is pretty inconvenient and the pan itself is boring, but I don't really mind since it's the product I'm after. It only contains 3g though!


Shell Pink - A cool pink with a blue hue. Works perfectly both as a blush and as a highlighter. It has a hint of shimmer and turns out really pearly and pretty. It shows up pretty well with only one swipe, but you might want to apply a few extra swipes to for a more vivid and dolly effect.

Lavender - A frosty Lavender. Perfect for highlighting your cheeks, nose bridge, under your eyes or anywhere else needed.

EYEMAZNG Shell Pink & EYEMAZNG Shell Pink with EYEMAZNG Lavender as a highlighter.


The texture is very smooth and silky which makes it easy to apply.


It lasts for quite a while and doesn't patch, but the color does wear off at the end of the day. The blush itself has lasted quite a while even though it only contains 3 g of product.


This is the perfect combination for me! I've been looking so long for a baby pink blush in a nice bluish tone.  Some might think that Shell Pink works well enough as a highlighter, but I like to use them both together since I really love frosty pink cheeks. I like to start off by applying Shell Pink all over my cheeks and then add Lavender as a highlighter on my cheeks, nose bridge and under my eyes. This is definitely my favorite blush and highligther ever!

YOHIO Signing Tour (27/3 to 7/4)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

YOHIO will perform and sign his new album BREAK the BORDER from March 27 to April 7 at the following locations:

27/3 Stockholm Sollentuna Stinsen Köpcentrum kl. 18.00
28/3 Västerås Erikslund Shopping (endast signering) kl. 16.30
29/3 Gävle Valbo Köpcentrum kl. 14.00
30/3 Södertälje Stora Torget kl. 14.00
31/3 Norrköping Mirum Gallerian kl. 14.00
1/4 Eskilstuna Tuna Park kl. 13.00
1/4 Uppsala Gränby Centrum kl. 17.00
3/4 Nyköping Nyckeln kl. 16.30
4/4 Växjö Grand Samarkand kl. 18.00
5/4 Linköping City Gränden kl. 13.00
6/4 Trollhättan Etage kl. 13.00
7/4 Göteborg Nordstan kl. 16.00

I will of course tag along to do his Makeup during the whole tour. See you there! 

GEO SUPER NUDY XCH-621/Geo Super Size Nudy Violet (Sponsored Review)



Diameter: 14.8mm
Water Content: 38~42%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 Year
Manufacturer: Geo


I love this design a lot! The Geo Super Size Nudy lenses have the absolute best design out of all lenses I've tried. The limbal ring gives you really dolly eyes while the speckled pattern and design makes them blend in well with the natural iris.


These lenses have a really pretty true violet (bluish purple) color. The color is very similar to what most pictures show, so I can't really complain about anything. I just wish that the color would be a bit brighter and obvious since you can't really tell that they're violet in some lighting conditions, but the color shows up really well and looks stunning in bright light and flash photos.



With Flash


The enlargement effect is great, but could've been better! The design already contributes a lot to the effect of big and dolly eyes, but it would've been perfect if they had been just a bit bigger!


The Geo Super Size Nudy lenses are very comfortable as usual, but my eyes get pretty tired after a few hours, which is completely normal though.


The Geo Super Size Nudy lenses have been my favorites for a long time; I've been using the Geo Super Size Nudy Blue ones for quite a while now, and I just got the Brown ones too.

The color isn't too vivid which I think makes them perfectly suitable for everyday use, but I would still like to save them for special occasions.

I like them a lot, and I really want to to try out the other colors too, especially the green ones!

These lenses were sponsored by geocolouredlenses.com

小悪魔ageha March 2013 & KERA April 2013 (Vol.176)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Himena is finally back in 小悪魔ageha after having her baby, and this issue is of course featuring a spread about her and the baby. I'm really happy that she's back since she's one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to style. She always has the prettiest nails & outfits! 小悪魔ageha is just not the same without her. This issua also came with a GLAD NEWS Pouch!


KERA is full of great outfits and looks as usual, and Kimura U is especially a huge inspiration to me.

The Angelic Pretty ads in KERA are always so cute; it really makes me want to invest in a AP Dress.

MAM MAXICIMAM Tea Party Bunny Coat & Chocolate Tart Bunny Series

I recently made a post about MAXICIMAM and their Sol Ciel Sweet Bunny Series, and here is another series of cute bunny clothing from MAM MAXICIMAM. I'm absolutely in love with this brand, and you should now by now that I'm also crazy about any kind of bunny-related clothing and accessories!

ラブリーふわふわ ねこちゃんうさちゃん お茶会コート




Everything is just too cute~   I'm really tempted to get the pouch and headdress!

CandyDoll Lipstick Poodle Pink Reivew



The packaging is pretty cute, but the lipstick itself looks boring and old-fashioned. Not really my taste. I liked the old CandyDoll Lipstick design much better.


The color is a very pretty pink. The lipstick bullet looks kind of orange, but the color turns out in a more cool tone when applied. It's opaque and shows up well, but I still like to add some concealer on the lips before applying lipstick to bring out the 'true' color of the lipstick.

Consistency & Finish 

The consistency is very smooth and creamy. It applies easily, looks nice even when I have dry lips, and keeps my lips moisturized. The finish is very smooth and slightly shiny, but I like to add some clear lipgloss for a more juicy effect.


It lasts for a pretty long time considering how creamy it is, and doesn't leave any marks or streaks.


This is one of my favorite lip colors, together with the CandyDoll Lipgloss in Macaroon Pink. It's definitely my favorite one out of the lipsticks I have. I probably won't use this as an everyday lipstick since I think it's a bit too dramatic, but I will definitely use it every time I feel like dolling up!