Princess Nails (Acrylic Nail Extension)

Friday, February 15, 2013

I decided to make Acrylic Nail Extension for the first time! I was inspired by the lovely Himena Ousaki when making these nails. It was a bit difficult to decorate my own nails (I usually decorate the fake nails first, and put them on afterwards), but I'm very happy with the result!

I've never managed to wear fake nails for more than a day since they tend to fall off, but these Acrylic Extensions have lasted for 4 days already! 4 days might not be that long, but It's completely new to me and I'm really satisfied with it.


  1. woah. Those are seriously cute!

  2. so kawaii

  3. Super beautiful and cute!!!
    But how you do any thing with that?!!! OMG!!!

    But really like me!! ♥

    1. Thank you (^-^)
      Heh, it's not that hard when you get used to it!

  4. It's nothing new they don't fall off, it's acryl.
    They don't fall off AT ALL, if they are made on your own nails, not on some tips and then glued to your nails.
    You need to keep them in nail polish remover for some time and then file them. XD
    It's really troublesome, that's why a lady know has all the stuff needed comes to me once every 3 weeks (it's how long they look good - not too long - for me).

  5. Could you one day make a tut on this please?

  6. Where do you by the decorations?^^ love your nails!! So cute! Love you to btw:)