GEO XCH624 Super Nudy Brown Review

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Also called 'Geo Super Sizy Nudy Brown'



Diameter: 14.8 mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6
Life Span: 1 Year 
Manufacturer: Geo Medical

 Natural Lighting

With Flash

Aaah! My eyelid tape looks so messed up here, sorry! (_  _')


Along with the GEO Xtra WIA22 Blue lenses, this design is one of my personal favorites. The speckled pattern makes the lens blend in really well with the natural iris, and the dark limbal ring gives the eyes a very dolly look.


The brown shade is perfect, not too red nor too yellow, but I would've wanted the color to be a bit lighter since it looks darker in real life.


The enlargement effect is great! I guess it could've been better, but I personally think it's perfect.


These are seriously the most comfortable lenses I have worn in my entire life. I wore them for a whole day, and I almost forgot that I was wearing lenses because I couldn't feel them at all. Strangely, they're even more comfortable than Geo Super Size Nudy Blue lenses (but I guess this must be a coincidence).


The Geo Super Size Nudy lenses are one of the top selling lenses in the market, and I can totally understand why. They are perfect if you want big and dolly eyes, and they would suit pretty much anyone since they're also great for everyday use. These lenses are in my top 3 favorites, along with the other two lenses I mentioned in this post. I simply love them!

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  1. thanks for review! I do wish you had a pic of you face wearing the lenses tho. That way it would be easier to judge the lenses : )

    1. Ah.. You're not the first one to say that, so I guess I gotta take more full face pictures for my reviews from now on! It's just so hard to take good full-face pics with the camera I have T.T

  2. :D I have the same lense, totally agree ! <3

  3. Vad fina! Hur mycket gick frakten på? ' v '

    1. Tack! Oj, det minns jag inte (o_o) Kan inte varit mycket i alla fall!

  4. Hej,

    Använder du paypal när du shoppar på UNIQSO? Måste man vara medlem för att kunna shoppa där?


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