EYEMAZING (アイメイジング) COSMELINE Cheek Color Shell Pink & Lavender Review

Friday, March 22, 2013

(Sorry for the blurry pictures. My camera doesn't want to be my friend anymore)

Packaging & Pan 

The packaging is pretty inconvenient and the pan itself is boring, but I don't really mind since it's the product I'm after. It only contains 3g though!


Shell Pink - A cool pink with a blue hue. Works perfectly both as a blush and as a highlighter. It has a hint of shimmer and turns out really pearly and pretty. It shows up pretty well with only one swipe, but you might want to apply a few extra swipes to for a more vivid and dolly effect.

Lavender - A frosty Lavender. Perfect for highlighting your cheeks, nose bridge, under your eyes or anywhere else needed.

EYEMAZNG Shell Pink & EYEMAZNG Shell Pink with EYEMAZNG Lavender as a highlighter.


The texture is very smooth and silky which makes it easy to apply.


It lasts for quite a while and doesn't patch, but the color does wear off at the end of the day. The blush itself has lasted quite a while even though it only contains 3 g of product.


This is the perfect combination for me! I've been looking so long for a baby pink blush in a nice bluish tone.  Some might think that Shell Pink works well enough as a highlighter, but I like to use them both together since I really love frosty pink cheeks. I like to start off by applying Shell Pink all over my cheeks and then add Lavender as a highlighter on my cheeks, nose bridge and under my eyes. This is definitely my favorite blush and highligther ever!


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