Europe Maplestory (New Classes)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

I decided that I want to start playing MapleStory in my free time again, and I recently managed to install it on my MacBook. Europe Maplestory has added a lot of interesting new classes since I last played, so I thought that I'd give you some quick info about the new classes. Or well, they're new to me at least!



Mercedes is the Archer branch of the Heroes who fought against the Black Mage. She is the Queen of the Elves, ruling in a secluded town known as Elluel.


Phantom is one of the five heroes who sealed away the Black Mage and is part of the Thief branch. Using a Cane and Cards, Phantom has the unique ability to steal skills from other Explorers (except Dual Blade, Cannoneer, Jett, and Zen) as well as from monsters.


Luminous is one of the five heroes who sealed away the Black Mage and is part of the Magician branch like Evan. He uses a Shining Rod and an Orb for his weapons.

The last of the five heroes, he dealt the final blow to the Black Mage once and for all. However, upon doing so, he became tainted with the Black Mage's dark power, and struggles to keep a hold of either light or darkness.

Aran & Evan are also party of the Heroes, but I'm familiar with them since earlier.



The Demon is part of the Resistance. It is divided into two different jobs:Demon Slayer and Demon Avenger. They are of the Warrior branch, specializing with One-Handed Blunt Weapons for Demon Slayer and Desperados for Demon Avenger. Additionally, they have a special shield called Demon Aegis which grows as the Demon strengthens.

He used to be one of the Black Mage's commanders until the Black Mage betrayed him and killed his family. The Demon tried to defeat the Black Mage but was overwhelmed and sealed in an egg for a century. However, he was able to crush the Black Mage's defenses which allowed Freud and Mercedes to weaken him further. In present day, he was picked up by the Resistance and agreed to join them in order to make the Black Mage suffer.

I was already familiar with Demon Slayer, but Demon Avenger is new to me. The other classes that are part of Resistance are: Battle MageWild Hunter & Mechanic, which I am also familiar with already.



Kaiser is the legendary Warrior savior of the Nova race. Wielding a Two-Handed Sword and an Dragon Essence, Kaiser uses the power of the dragon to decimate the battlefield.

A hundred years ago, Kaiser was the protector of Pantheon and defended Grandis fromMagnus, one of Gerald Darmoor's and the Black Mage's Commanders. Kaiser proved to be no match for Magnus and his forces, prompting Kaiser to sacrifice himself. In present day, a young Nova boy named Kyle is revealed to be the next host of Kaiser's legendary powers.

Angelic Buster

Angelic Buster is a member of the Nova and is of the Pirate Branch. She is equipped with a Soul Shooter in her main slot and a Soul Ring in her shield slot.

Tear, originally born as a disgraced Nova due to the lack of a tail and magic, she inherited the powers an ancient dragon named Eskalade who lays inside an ancient relic of Pantheon.

Click here to check out all the available MapleStory classes.

I'm creating a new character, and I'm going with an Angelic Buster this time since I'm really curious about the new classes, and never played as a Pirate before. It's clearly the cutest class too in my opinion! I'll probably post some Screenshots and so on very soon. If you're playing Europe MapleStory too, please let me know! Even if you're not, you should definitely try it if you like MMORPGs. Happy Mapling!


  1. I just started playing yesterday too, also with an Angelic Buster. What a coincidence xD
    I'm loving the game.

  2. Hur gjorde du för att ladda ner Maple Story till din macbook? (^ - ^) Jag har försökt kolla runt lite på nätet men hittar inget bra sätt.

    Kram på dig <3