Taobao Order (Taobaobuying)

Monday, January 14, 2013

I've been wanting to shop from Taobao for a really long time, and I finally placed my first order a few days after Christmas. I looked up some information about different shopping services and chose to make  my first order from taobao via Taobaobuying. I sent them a mail named "Taobao Order", listing the links to the items I wanted, how many I wanted, and the colors I wanted. I bought the following items for 78.8USD.

Prisila Wig Tails (TAY)

Prisila Rope Wigs (焦糖色/Caramel Color)

Princess Melody Set (Pink)


I got a response the very same day with an invoice. After paying I sent another mail with my address. One of the items wasn't available in the color I wanted, so I sent a link to another Item and the said that they'd get that one for me instead. No problem at all. They asked me to wait for their update.

After about 2 weeks I got another mail where they told me that they had received all of my items and another invoice for the international shipping. After sending the payment I got an response right away where they they told me that they'd send my package the very next day. The shipping was 35.9USD which makes this order a total of 114.7USD.


I give Taobaobuying a solid 5 out of 5 stars. The communication was excellent; I always got a confirmation after every mail I sent, their instructions were very easy to follow, and I always got updates about my order. The prices and shipping were all very reasonable. I will definitely place my next order from Taobao through them too. I highly recommend them!

I will make a haul as soon as I receive the items (^_^)


  1. O lucky you :D ...Could you give me the link of Princess melody set you ordered? :3

    1. Oh, I put the link in the titel (but I noticed it was broken...)
      Here you go:

  2. I've never heard of them but they seem like a really good store with great stuff <3

  3. Good thing your first order in Taobao out everything very well! o(>∇<o)
    I also wanted to buy on Taobao for quite some time, but having to get an intermediate and high shipping cost stop me :<
    Thank you for share with us your experience with Taobaobuying! (^v^)
    Hope you have a nice day!( ノ^ω^)ノ♥

    1. Taobaobuying is great! You should try it if you're going to order something from Taobao (^_^)
      Hope you have a great day too, sweetie~

  4. It is nice to hear that everything went well with your first purchase at Taobao! ^^ I had ordered from Taobao a while ago and I had actually used Taobaospree, which is a different shopping service. I had only ordered from them 2 times since shipping costs are so high.