Melodifestivalen 2013 (Day 2)

Thursday, January 31, 2013

I kept all the boys' Makeup Simple today, using brown tones and gel liner, since they only were going to have a rehearsal on stage and some meetings with media.

The staff unpacked all of their things in the dressing-room since we were going to spend most of the time there from now on. Me and JENZiiH also got interviewed by a reporter from SVT about our job as YOHIO's Stylists. (Click here to see the article)

Picture to the left: LINDER, YOHIO & Fredrik

Picture below: My workspace in the Dressing-room

Today we did all of the Styling at Scandic Karlskrona, where all of the performing artists were staying. Most of our staff (and the band) were staying at Ninteone's Tour Bus. It's so incredibly nice having a private bus to drive you around everywhere, haha~ 

Marcus, Yousef, Linder, Fredrik & YOHIO waiting in the lobby.

Picture to the left: YOHIO talking to fans outside of the entrance at Telenor Arena.
Picture to the right: YOHIO posing with Danny Saucedo (Swedish Pop Idol and host for Melodifestivalen 2013) in front of fans.

First rehearsal on stage! Afterwards we also revealed the stage outfits for the media.

When the rehearsal was over, me and JENZiiH were requested to do a "YOHIO"-makeover on a girl from Universal Music Sweden. I decided do the look I did for YOHIO for the album cover of REACH the SKY, which is much more girly and kinda Gyaru. I figured that It would suit her better.

Later that night there was a party at the local museum. Free drinks and delicious food! I spontaneously decided that I wanted to party hard in the bar back at the hotel since my boss's boss was kind enough to buy me some drinks 

I can't recall anything else happening that day since there's so much going on all the time, but everything went smooth except for me having a few too many drinks, hehe~

Here's the video/tutorial of the YOHIO-transformation by Universal Music Sweden. I look so different since I didn't wear a wig or Makeup that day. I feel like I'm not living up to being a Makeup Artist when I'm not all dolled up  Well, I hope you don't mind! Please, enjoy the video anyway!


  1. Yohio is indeed a beautiful envious! *_*

  2. Sociala klubben när typ alla sitter med mobilen, haha!

  3. Jag vill också bli sminkad & stylad av dig! >__<' Har du några tips på bra make up artist-kurser/skolor? Hade ju varit grymt kul att jobba med något man verkligen är intresserad av ist som brevbärare som jag är nu... >__<

    Du gjorde ett riktigt bra jobb med YOHIO & co btw!

  4. realmente eres una maestra en maquillaje..YOHIO es realmente hermoso :3

  5. en verdad eres una maestra de maquillaje...YOHIO tan hermoso :3