Melodifestivalen 2013 (Day 1)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Before going to Melodifestivalen in Karlskrona we went to Base 23 in Stockholm since YOHIO and his band had to rehearse the choreography for the performance. Everything went nice and smooth, and we went to Karlskrona on Tuesday, arriving at Telenor Arena on Wednesday morning. First of all we had to get our "pass cards" which were super important since they gave us access to the whole area. We went on a quick tour around the Arena, and further practice and preparations started right after that.

We all got our schedules and talked about what the week was going to look like.

Later that day we went for dinner with the whole crew. We didn't do much more after that. Poor JENZiiH had to stay upp all night to sew clip-on extensions, and while the rest of the crew wanted to party I went to bed early instead. 

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