Happy New Year! (New Year's Resolutions)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Hello Lovelies! I know this post is kinda late, hehe~ I've been recovering from my hangover for the past few days. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of my New Year's Eve that are worth posting... Anyway, I just want to wish all of you a Happy New Year

I've had my ups and downs and It's easy to focus on the bad things, but 2012 has really been a great year for me. I'm so thankful for both good and bad things since I have learned and realized so much. I feel incredibly inspired, motivated, and I'm really looking forward to 2013!

At the start of every new year I feel like I've been given a new chance to make my dreams come true and to do my best while doing so. I have a lot of plans and goals this year and I'm going to work hard to achieve them. The ones below are my main priority this year.

My New Year's Resolutions

 Start my own Business
 Compose/Complete a song
  Focus on School
 Study Japanese
 Take more dance classes
 Learn how the play the piano

 I already have a wonderful job and amazing friends, but there are so many more things I want to do. I want to go to so many places, be healthier, be a better blogger, improve my style, improve my looks, improve my makeup skills, get more tattoos, and the list goes on.

 I'll be very busy as soon school starts, especially since I'll be working a lot soon too. But the future is bright and I'm happy that I can share it with the people I care about. I hope that all of you will have an amazing year!

Au revoir! 


  1. I'm trying to self teach myself Japanese too... we should practice together I need someone too motivate me. And wow, start a business good luck, I hope you succeed! Happy New Year!

    1. Hm, I'm not the best partner when it comes to studying, but I could at least start off by giving you some tips (^_^)
      I don't know on which "level" you are yet, but I really recommend to start off by taking some classes. It's a good way to start, and studying by yourself at home will be a lot easier that way!
      Buy some books (amazon.com has a lot of great books), a dictionary, and so on.
      Like I said, I'm not the best when it comes to studying, but you can always ask me if you have any questions! (^_^)

  2. It sounds like you have a great year ahead of you! I look forward to seeing what you post, and good luck on all your goals for 2013! I'm sure you'll do great~

    Thank you for sharing~