Diamond Lash Lady Glamorous Series Angel Eye & Princess Eye

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Diamond Lash レディグラマラスシリーズ 
エンジェルeye (上まつげ) & プリンセスeye (下まつげ)



The packaging is very boring but I honestly don't think it's important at all. The only thing that bothered me was that it was really difficult to remove the lashes from the package itself. I had to be extremely careful until I finally managed to get them out of the package without risking to break them. A thing that I love is that they contain 5 pairs of lashes instead of 2 pairs like many other brands, even though they're in pretty much the same price range.

Angel Eye & Princess Eye with light Makeup. I just have to mention that I accidentally got some glue on the Angel Eye lash on the left, so the inner lashes look much more spikier than they should. The lash on the right is more true to what they actually look like.

Angel Eye & Princess Eye with full Makeup. Note that I also added modified lashes to the top lashes to make them longer. I really think that these lashes are more suited for heavier makeup since they're pretty dramatic.


Angel Eye - The design is simply amazing. I love lashes that look thick and separated like these. Really long in both length and width which makes them perfect for droopy eye Makeup.

Princess Eye - I like the design but I'm not really overwhelmed by them. I would've wanted them to be a bit longer in width too.

Close Up!


Durability & Flexibility

Angel Eye - Sturdy and easy to clean. I've been able to use the first pair for a few weeks now. They were very easy to "break in" and I could shape them exactly how I wanted without making them turn "saggy".

Princess Eye - I actually managed to break the first pair when trying to remove them from the package, but once I managed to remove them carefully I didn't have any problems at all. They turned out to be, like Angel Eye, very sturdy and easy to clean. They're a little too stiff for my taste though, which made it hard to make them fit the way I wanted them to.

Overall Rating

Angel Eye 

 Beautiful design
 Very long & voluminous
 Easy to clean

These are just perfect in every way. They're definitely my favorite lashes out of all I have ever tried.  Simply the lashes of my dreams!

Princess Eye 

 Pretty design
 Easy to clean

These are really pretty, but I just don't love them. It's pretty much a matter of taste, and the only reason why I'm not giving these 5 stars is because they're a bit too stiff and troublesome to adjust.

I really like the quality of these lashes. Most lashes from Diamond Lash are also really pretty, so I'll definitely try out other types and series in the future.


  1. These lashes are the same ones i use! They look lovely with your eye makeup and lenses! ❤

  2. Both lashes looks so amazing and cute, but these upper re super cute <3

  3. I love those eyelashes! I will buy those myself too! *o*


  4. The Princess lash are actually fragile :< I only get maybe 3-4 wears until they start falling apart... when you remove them, try soaking them a bit before you peel them off your face to try and make them last. But overall I love them both too much ; w; I wouldn't hesitate getting them over and over and over again

  5. Both lashes looks so great! And your lenses are so nice too! (:

  6. Such pretty eyelashes! <3 I need to buy some <3


  7. I feel the same way about the Princess Eye as well, it is honestly an annoyance for the short width and it's stiffness. Otherwise, they'd have been a great design for lower lashes. Such a shame. I just bought Angel Eye and I absolutely love them! They're a tie with Glamorous Eye though for me ^^


  8. Nice lashes! I will definitely have to try those! ^_^


  9. Qual é a lente que você usa?

  10. can you do a tutorial on the eye makeup in these pictures,please? it will help alot