Princess Melody New Collection/New Pattern Design 苺みるふぃーゅ柄

Friday, December 20, 2013

I'm a big fan of Princess Melody which has been one of my favorite brands for a while now. I absolutely love this collection especially since the new Strawberry and Ribbon design pattern is so cute. I love it! 

Both of these dresses are just too adorable. I'll definitely get the dress on the right picture if I can get my hands on it in time. The matching headpiece is also really nice.


Unfortunately, all of the items from this collection are already Sold Out at Lilimpark. But luckily there are other sources to get these dresses!

Isn't this just a re-arrival of one of the first dresses they had? I checked the one I had and it's pretty much identical. The only thing that looks different to me is that this one looks bigger. I'm not sure though since I don't remember the measurements for the old one. However, this has always been my favorite dress from Princess Melody so I'm glad that it's back!

At last but not least we have these super cute Ribbon & Lace Dresses. Not a favorite, but still very pretty!

Click the pictures for more details! You can also click here to check out all of the new items.

Dark Blue Classic Lolita Dress (Sponsored by

Friday, December 13, 2013

I was recently given the honor to review a dress of my choice from
I was pretty excited about this since it's my first time reviewing a dress, or clothing in general. They have a huge supply of gorgeous dresses which made it very had to choose, but I decided to go with this beautiful Classic Lolita Dress in Blue.


I sincerely apologize for the blurriness of my pictures. I lost a lot of light and had to brighten the pictures a lot, reduce noise, and so on. I'm also very new to taking full body pictures. I hope you understand.    



The main reason why I chose this dress because of the beautiful and simple design. I love the ruffled collar and the details, the ribbon and buttons, that are attached to it. It shows off my curves pretty well since I can adjust the 'belt' in my waist. The length of this dress is also very nice. I'm 170cm tall and it goes down to just above my knees. The only downside in my opinion is that it's a bit too loose around my arms. This is probably because I had to order it in a bigger size (L) because of my bust. Although, this is easily adjustable with some thread (like I did in the picture) or if you have sewing skills.


I expected it to be a lot lighter, like in the pictures from, but the color turned out to be a very pretty dark blue, or navy as some might call it. I'm actually very happy about this since I think navy is a very pretty color.

This dress is also available in red!

Overall Opinion

This dress was even more pretty than I thought it would be. I simply love it and I think that it will be perfect for special occasions. The sizes of their dresses range from XS to XXL. This is simply amazing since this allows anyone to wear their dresses. The staff of was also very nice, and I hope that I will be able to do another review for them again in the future.

Here's a short video to show you a bit more of the dress. I managed to brighten the video even though it was very dark. Although, the true color of the dress is like the one in the pictures, not as dark as in the video. 

Feel free to check out more of their beautiful dresses at

Geo Holicat Barbie Cat Hazel Review (Sponsored by EyeCandy's)



The design is simple and pretty. It has a slightly speckled pattern and It doesn't cover too much of my natural iris which in my opinion makes a lens look more natural. It's hard to explain a design, so you just have to see it for yourself! I don't have much more to say except that I absolutely love it. 


The color of these lenses are a beautiful hazel color. The shade is perfect since it's not too yellow or orange like many other light brown/hazel lenses are. It's also very opaque and light which shows up well even in darker lighting; They are actually much lighter than I expected, which is awesome! In addition, I also like how the timbal ring is a dark brown rather than black. They blend very well with my natural iris. These lenses will look great on those who have brown, green or hazel eyes. Although, They might turn out to look a bit darker on dark brown eyes.

The lens to the right is turned the right way and the lens to the left is showing the back of the lens.

Close Up

Lamp Light

With Flash



The enlargement effect is surprisingly amazing. I usually prefer 15.0mm lenses for the bigger enlargement but even though these only are 14.5mm they still give me a great enlargement effect.


Very comfortable! The water content is a bit higher than many other lenses which also makes them bit more comfortable. I could wear them for several hours without feeling any kind of irritation or dryness. 

Overall Opinion

I really like these lenses! My favorite thing about them is the amazingly pretty and light color. They are very eye catching but don't come off as creepy, and I think that they give you a sexy but still sweet look. They're probably more suitable for those who want their eyes to look intense and for wearing more heavy makeup. 


These lenses were sponsored by Eyecandy's
Use my discount code 'PRINCESSRIN' to get a free surprise gift with your purchase.

Cosme Gets from FACE Stockholm and Dreamv Haul

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

    Hello, lovelies! I picked up some products from FACE Stockholm the other day; As you might know I have a sponsorship from them since I'm a Makeup Artist. All of the products I get are mainly intended for professional use, that is to say, I use them when I work. They are also the only products I use for work. I'm especially fond of their eyeshadows, lipsticks and nail polishes. They're absolutely amazing! Here's a list of the things I got this time:

Shown to the left:
- Pressed Powder #1
- Triangle Applicator Sponge 12-Pack
- Powder Puff
- Pencil Sharpener
- Lash Curler
- Corrective Foundation (Mint)
- Nail Polish (#52 & #4)
- Matte Eyeshadow (Russian Caviar, Nästan Svart & Dusk)
- Precision Eyeliner - Firm Tip
- Pencil (White)
- Volumizing Mascara (Black)
- Nektar (Prästkrage)
- Lipgloss #48

Shown below:
- Makeup Remover New!
- Eye Makeup Remover New!
- Ageless Skin Toner
- Exfoliating Cleanser
- Lipliner (Completely forget the name of the shades…)
- Blush (Organza & Sun Kissed)
- Lipstick (Matte Adventure, Matte Sahara & Leva)
- Sable Fluff Brush #9
- Blender Brush #39
The cleansing products, blushes and lip liners are all new to me. I can't wait to try them out!
Ah! Actually, with so many new products I suddenly feel so inspired to try out some different looks in general.

I also received some things I bought from Dreamv a couple of weeks ago. I love the bag and have been using it a lot! The shoes are also one of my favorites; they're pretty much a newer and improved version of the old ones, which I also have. They're so cute and comfy! 

The coat is also very pretty but I was very disappointed since it didn't suit my body type at all. I should've seen it coming but I just couldn't resist to buy it anyway, and even though I listed it on my blog sale just a while ago, I'm considering to keep it after all.

Bye for now, lovelies~ 

Sailor Moon×PEACH JOHN Collaboration Items






I've never been a fan of Sailor Moon, but these Sleep wear items are just too cute. The best thing is that they're not expensive at all, and the available sizes are pretty variable. You can see more information about it here.

There are actually many more Sailor Moon Collaboration items, so feel free to check it out at

mchamcha! 紅林大空 Kurebayashi Haruka コラボ Collab

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

mchamcha! really came to my liking because of their bold and colorful wigs. They have very nice collections, and this time they made a collaboration with Kurebayashi Haruka (KERA Model). She always has gorgeous hair when I see her in KERA, so I'm very glad to see that she made her own wigs.



This one is my favorite in this collection. I love the colors, and the length/style of the wig is very pretty too.


Click here to check out this collection and other new items yourself!