My first Q&A (Closed)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hello Lovelies! I will be having my first Q&A ever. I actually don't get a lot of questions, but I always appreciate and enjoy answering them. I honestly don't know if you're interested in asking me anything at all, but I really want to open up more and I'm curious whether there is anything you want to know about me.

This Q&A will be open from December 7, 12PM (GMT +01) to December 9, 12AM. (Keep an eye on the Countdown below if you're not sure about the time)
The reason why this Q&A will be open for so long is because I'll be away during this time. If I would somehow would end up with a giant bunch of questions I'll just split them up and post them in parts.

Just leave your question(s) in the comments for this post!
Ask me how many questions you want, and whatever you want. I'll give you an 100% honest answer, and as detailed as possible. I'll include your name with your question (with a link to your blog, if you have one) when I post the answers. Just post your comment Anonymously if you don't want your name to be displayed.

Anyhow, please feel free to ask away when the time comes and thanks in advance!
Bye-bye for now! (^-^)


  1. My name is Lana Rose and my blog is =D

    What is your hair care routine? I have dyed hair and it's always hard to keep it healthy, and I was wondering if you had any tips to share!

  2. Hi :)
    I'm Haruka :D
    Can I ask u 2 question *•x•*
    R there many ppl who wear JPs fashion( Kawaii or V-kei fashion ) in Sweden ?
    N where ppl buy these clothes ?

    I dun have blog but my twitter acount's⇨ @vampire5260

    Thank u *•w•*

  3. Hello. I'm Aina Noire. My blog is
    I also have 2 questions for you.
    1. How did you discover Japanese fashion? Was it accidental or did someone introduce it to you?
    2. What other styles did you wear before getting into your current style?

    P.S. I really love your blog <3

  4. Hi!!! I'm Megumi and my blog is

    I also have two questions for you.
    1. What is you skin care routine, because whenever I see your photos I always wonder how can you have such a perfect skin..
    2. How did you started in gyaru fashion, like the first thing you bought and some tips if you don't mind ^^.

    Btw, sorry for my bad english ^^'' and I really like your blog ! <3 It's like one of my inspiration paradises ^W^

    Thank you =3=

  5. Hi! I also have questions for you :)
    1. You are so nice and beautiful, how do you stay in shap?
    2. When did you start with gyaru fashion?
    3. Do you like KPOP,and if which band/group is your favorit?

    Love your blog <3 Thank you

  6. Hey Rin! Love your adorable blog :D My question to you is do you work or have some sort of job to pay for your outfits? If so, is it full time?

    My other question is how old are you?

  7. Are you dating someone and who? ;)

  8. Dear Rin,
    i really like your blog! It's pretty interesting. ♥
    My name is isa (
    My questions are:
    How tall are you?
    And which size do you choose/order when you buy clothes from Dreamv?
    (and which shoe size?)

    And are you gonig to school or anything else, or do you have a job?
    If you study, what are you studying?

    Thank you! ♥

  9. Hello dear Rin~chan
    my name ish Zoé and i am a huge fan of chuu ~
    i have alot off guestions > w <' so lets start !

    1. Whut kind of job do you have ?

    2. do you still go to school ? so yesh whut do you study ?

    3.Could give you some basic tips for a starting Gyaru > w < ?

    4. Where do you get your Ageha's from ?

    5. Whut anime's do you watch

    6. Do you speak japanese ?

    7. Can you give some Tips on make up off the Gyaru fashion ?

    8. how did you discover the Gyaru fashion

    9. Ish Yumetenbo a good shop chuu can buy from ?? ((cause it haves such cute clothes that i wanna have > .< but i dont know how to order it))

    10. Ish being a Gyaru hard ?

    11. How do you keep your skin so perfect ? !

    12. Whut Gyaru models inspire you ?

    13. Whut music do you listen ?

    14. Are your parents okay with the Gyaru Fashion clothes ?

    15. Whut phone do you have ?

    o w o i think that are all the guestions i can think off.
    So yeah x3 Ow yeah i wanted to say that you are a biiiiig Insperation for me !
    Ilu Rin~Chan <3