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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

These are the questions and answers from my first Q&A. I got so many interesting questions, but I think one post is enough to include all of them. The timing is actually perfect, since this also happens to be my 200th post! Anyhow, let's start!

"What is your hair care routine? I have dyed hair and it's always hard to keep it healthy, and I was wondering if you had any tips to share!"
I don't have a special hair care routine, but I think that preventing your hair from damage in the first place is the key. I dye my hair too, but I only dye it when I absolutely have to. You should wait at least a month between every time you dye your hair. Invest in a nice shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type, but try not to wash your hair too much since this will remove the natural oils and make it dry and worn out, which can also cause your hair to get greasy faster in the long run. I also try not to brush my hair too much since this can also cause the hairs to break, and I wash my hairbrushes at least once a week. I highly recommend to brush your hair with a pig bristle brush. And when brushing your hair, start from the bottom and work your way up. And at last but not least, always use heat protection before using a flattening or curling iron. 

Haruka (@vampire5260): 

1. "Are there many people who wear JPs fashion (Kawaii or V-kei fashion) in Sweden?"
Yes, I do believe that there are quite many people who wear Japanese fashion in Sweden. It's not a major fashion, but there are many "groups" who are into different kinds of Japanese fashion. Visual Kei fashion was very popular a few years ago (and some people still wear it), but Lolita and Gyaru are probably the most popular right now. 

2. "Where do people buy these clothes?"
I think most people order their clothes online, most likely through a Shopping Service (like Tenso or White Rabbit Express). A Shopping Service helps people outside of Japan to buy clothes from almost any Japanese Online Shop. Taobao, Mbok and Rakuten Global are very popular. There are a lot more shops and shopping services, but those are the ones I'm familiar with. There are also a few Swedish Online Shops who offer a small variety of Japanese Clothing (I've personally never bought anything from there though). 

1. "How did you discover Japanese fashion? Was it accidental or did someone introduce it to you?"
It was pretty much just by accident. It all started when I randomly found the video for Miyavi's "POP is dead". I fell in love with his style and music and started learning more about Japanese Music and Street Fashion in general. I started reading KERA, and when I went to the store where I usually get it, I also happened to find Koakuma Ageha. I fell in love with it in an instance and started to get more and more into Gyaru ever since. 

2. "What other styles did you wear before getting into your current style?"
The first distinctive style I got into was Scene, closely followed by Visual-kei/Oshare-kei. But I can't really say that I actually wore the style since it didn't look good at all. I guess I got stuck between a weird mix of Scene and what I thought was Oshare-kei. I dyed my hair in all sorts of colors and had lot of piercings. I was into the whole Visual thing for almost all of my teenage years, but I rapidly switched to Gyaru after that. I started off by dressing in a mix of Himekaji and Amekaji, wearing colorful/pink clothes and having a dark tan. After being into Gyaru for about a year I got more and more into Agejo/Hime and I eventually evolved into what I am now.

1. "What is your skin care routine, because whenever I see your photos I always wonder how can you have such a perfect skin."
Thank you, but I have to say that I definitely don't have perfect skin. I just make sure to clean my face regulary and always remove my makeup before going to bed. I use a face scrub once a week and a mud mask twice a week. If I happen to get red spots or other I use a gel for acne treatment that I got from a pharmacy. I still have spots, blemishes and a pretty uneven skin tone though. The reason why my skin looks good in pictures is definitely because of my Makeup. I always use full coverage base Makeup (foundation, concealer and powder). And since I have oily skin I make sure not to use any oil-based products. Taking care of your skin, using skin products and base make up that suits your skin type is the key. 

2. "How did you get started in gyaru fashion, like the first thing you bought and some tips if you don't mind?" 
Since I've always been interested in Makeup long before I started to get into Gyaru, the first things I bought were Fake lashes, blush and lipgloss from Dolly Wink and Candy Doll. I also remember buying lashes from Jewerich. I used to buy clothes from regular stores in Sweden before I discovered Yumetenbo, but as soon as I found out about them I bought all of my clothes from there, and I still do.  I remember buying a coat, heels, a bag, some dresses and a few knits. I really don't remember everything in detail. There are so many different substyles in Gyaru, so it's hard to know where exactly to start. Reading Gyaru Magazines helps a lot since they contain so many tutorials and great inspiration for outfits. I recommend you to look through a few different magazines (like Ageha, Popteen, egg, Ranzuki etc.) and simply start off by finding the style you like the most. 


1. "You are so nice and beautiful, how do you stay in shape?" 
Aw~ Thank you (^-^) I dance once a week, but other than that I really don't do anything special to "stay in shape". I'm the worst example ever when it comes to being healthy. I eat a lot of candy and I'm actually pretty lazy in my free time, haha~ 

2. "When did you start with gyaru fashion?" 
Sometime in 2010, I think. Read my previous answers if you want to know more ♥

3. "Do you like KPOP, and if which band/group is your favorite?"
Yes, I do! It's really hard to say who my favorites are since I usually just like a few songs from many different groups, but some of the groups I like are B.A.P, EXO, B1A4, U-KISS, MBLAQ, BLOCK B, Teen Top & BIGBANG. 

1. "Do you work or have some sort of job to pay for your outfits? If so, is it full time?"
I only work as a Freelance Make-up Artist from time to time. To be completely honest, the one who pays for most of my clothes is my dear mother. I also get a certain amount of money from my father every month since my parents are divorced. (Every student in Sweden also gets about 150 USD every month until they finish school, but all of that is used to pay bills and such). 

2. "How old are you? "
I'm currently 19 years old (born June 6, 1993).


"Are you dating someone and who? ;)"
No, I'm not dating anyone right now. There's someone I like though, but that's a secret (^_)

1. "How tall are you?"
169cm (almost 170cm). I used to wish that I was shorter, but now I want to be taller, haha~ (^-^)

2. "Which size do you choose/order when you buy clothes from Dreamv? (and which shoe size?)"
Usually L but sometimes LL (for coats and hoodies). I usually estimate which size I need according to the bust size. My shoe size is M (in "Soft" Shoes) or L (for "Hard" shoes).

3. "Are you gonig to school or anything else, or do you have a job? If you study, what are you studying?"
I go to an Upper Secondary School where I'm studying to become a Stylist (Makeup, Hair, Fashion & Nails), but I'm also working as a Freelance Makeup Artist


1. "What kind of job do you have?"
I already answered a similar question. Please check my previous answers ♥

2. "Do you still go to school? What do you study?"
I already answered a similar question. Please check my previous answers ♥

3. "Could give you some basic tips for a starting Gyaru?"
Like I mentioned in a previous answer, I recommend you to look through a few different magazines (like Ageha, Popteen, egg, Ranzuki etc.) and simply start off by finding the style you like the most. I do have some basic tips though. The beauty part is the most important to me. Fake lashes, pink blush, pink lipstick/gloss and fake nails are a must (You can get it at Pinkyparadise or eBay). I prefer to wear extensions (or a wig), but I don't think it's a must as long as you pay attention to the styling of your hair. When it comes to clothing I really recommend Yumetenbo since they have nice and affordable clothes. Invest in one or two pairs of heels/boots, a dress, a bag and a coat for cold weather. I prefer anything pink with lace and ribbons, but it's completely up to you depending on your personal preferences.

4. "Where do you get your Ageha's from ?"
A Swedish Book Shop (, but I think you can get them from eBay too.

5. "What anime's do you watch?" 
I don't watch Anime anymore. I used to watch a lot when I was younger, and my favorites were (and still are) Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and Air Gear. I really want to watch more, but I don't have time (T^T) Right now I'm mostly watching horror movies or animation movies from time to time. I'm a big fan of movies by Studio Ghibli and Tim Burton.

6. "Do you speak japanese?"
Just a little (^_^) I still try to learn and practice as much as I can.

7. "Can you give some Tips on make up off the Gyaru fashion?"
Having some basic products (like I mentioned earlier) and tools are obviously very important, but one of the most important things ever is to know your eye shape, face shape, skin tone, and so on. Even if you would have the ability to perfectly copy someone's Makeup, it won't look good on you if it doesn't suit your features. You must either have similar features or adjust it to your own. It's hard to give you any more detailed tips since I don't know what you look like, but make sure to find out what suits you the most. If you're not sure, just experiment with different types of lashes, eyeliner techniques, different shades of eyeshadows, cheek colors and lip colors. Try to follow tutorials in Magazines (or online) and practice a lot. Makeup is so much fun, and it will be so much easier if you are familiar with your features.

8. "How did you discover the Gyaru fashion?"
I already answered a similar question. Please check my previous answers ♥

9. "Is Yumetenbo a good shop you can buy from? (cause it haves such cute clothes that i wanna have > .< but i dont know how to order it)"
Yes, it is! I buy almost all of my clothes from them, and it's very easy to order. Just make an account at Rakuten and start shopping! All you need is a credit card to buy from them, so you might want to ask your parents to help you if you're under 18.

10. "Is being a Gyaru hard?"
I personally only dress Gyaru on special occasions or when I feel like it, so it's not that hard for me. But walking in heels can be painful, my natural nails are beyond salvation, and it's a bit troublesome to maintain my hair color and extensions. But I think it's worth it! The only thing that has been hard for me is to become friends with other Gyarus. I actually have a hard time making friends with people in general, especially girls, but this shit is on another level. I really wanted to make more Gal Friends a few years ago, but I really don't think it's important anymore (but those I've been talking to so far, mostly Hime Gals, have been really nice to me though). I have wonderful friends (both Gyaru and Non-Gyaru) and I treasure them highly. 

11. "How do you keep your skin so perfect?"
I already answered a similar question. Please check my previous answers ♥

12. "Which Gyaru models inspire you?" 
I'm usually inspired by random pictures and many different models, but some of my biggest inspirations are: Himena Ousaki, Guri (Chika) YoshikawaGura (Chie) Yoshikawa, Rin, Shiina Hikari, Okarie & Emika Kanda.

13. "What music do you listen to?" 
Many different kinds; Pop, Electronic, Dance, House, Rock, Classical Music, Rap/Hip-Hop, R&B. Mostly Japanese and Korean though. 

14. "Are your parents okay with the Gyaru Fashion clothes?" 
Yes, they don't mind it at all. My mother is a little skeptical against too revealing outfits, but it's not a problem since I'm an "adult" (according to the government) and can dress however I want.

15. "What phone do you have?"
iPhone 4! 

Thank you all so much for your questions  
I had so much fun answering them! I really hope that you all got the answers you wanted, but If I somehow misunderstood your question or if something else bothers you, please let me know! I'll update my answer as soon as I can. Some of the questions were also very similiar, so make sure to check the previous answers first.


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  3. Thank you so much for answering my questions!! I may invest in a brush, I've used a wide-toothed comb for all my life since that is essentially what my mother brought me up to use, so maybe a brush will help more with the breakage~ I tend to dye my hair once a month or even two months so it definitely could be worse. *A*

  4. Can I ask you for help??? I love rakiten but I don´t understand the size measures, can you tell me the kanjis of bust, waist and hip at least please!! TT.TT

    1. Of course! (^-^)
      バスと - Bust
      ウエスト - Waist
      ヒップ - Hip

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