Mcha! Mcha! 69 Wigs (2-Color Long Straight & Short Bob)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

2-Color Long Straight

The Pink×Mint one is so pretty  I really want a curly one in the exact same colors, but it's so hard to find 

2-Color Classic Bob 

I really like the Gold×Pink one too~ I might even do something similar with my hair since it's short now! The color I have now is so boring... 

Click the pictures to see more details. Mcha! Mcha! 69 Wigs are also available at KERA Shop.


  1. cute wigs!!! looking forward to your upcoming posts~!


  2. i like pink with gold one too!~

  3. love B and A

  4. i like the exact same ones that you pointed out. the pink&mint and gold&pink. i wish i could have my natural color look that way~ too bad color comes out so easily and need to be maintained weekly T-T

    i have purple in my hair now and it fades away so quicklyyy~ happy holidays!

    - sarah -

  5. I agree the PinkxMint one is really pretty!