Macaroon Color Bunny Ears Room Wear Set

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I came across this really cute Room Wear Set at a Rakuten Store called Sanchya (which seems to be selling mainly Underwear & Sleepwear).

Avaliable in 4 Macaroon Colors - Cream, Pink, Sax (Blue) & Puple

I've become very found of pretty much anything with Bunny Ears (うさみみ/Usamimi) lately! These are just too cute and appear to be very cozy too (≧∇≦) All of the colors look lovely, but I would preferably want to get one in Cream or Purple.


  1. woah! So cute! I like the pink one best! Can always an excuse for a onesie right!?

  2. You can find the cutest under-/sleepwear on rakuten :) my favourite store in that category is one called Shirohato, they have really cute things at awesome prices. and they're super nice and speak english well, and use paypal. Ok end of advertising lol

  3. loll this is cute~ but i can't imagine wearing them around at home, its too much clothes for me! i think i prefer being naked, its more comfy :)

    - sarah -