Today's Coord (Pink Cable Knit, Poncho Coat and Fur Heels)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Wearing some of my new clothes from 夢展望! It was really tricky to walk in these heels for the first couple of hours, but I managed to get used to it (^-^) I want to use them as much as I can before it gets too slippery outside... Aah~ But the cable knit and poncho coat were so warm and cozy! I really love the sweet and dolly look of this coat ♥

I actually don't like posting iPhone photos on my blog at all since the quality is so bad (T-T) I'll try to take more Coord pics with my camera instead from now on!

Oh, and feel free to check out my Instagram for a closer look of Today's Make-Up too (^-^)


  1. You look wonderful~ <3

    1. Thank you, sweetie (^-^;;) <3

  2. cute ^^ I also wanted these boots but I had yumetenbo shoes with a similar heel and I couldn't walk on them at all >.< in the end I sold them xD

  3. You're always so gorgeous ♥