Small 夢展望 (& Korilakkuma Bag) Haul

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I bought the Princess Poncho & Boots I made a post about the other day, and I received them yesterday! (^-^)

Princess Usamimi Poncho - I love this poncho so much! It's pretty similar to the Princess Melody Usamimi Poncho, but I think this one is even prettier. It's just perfect in every single way! My other Poncho Coat feels pretty useless now, but I guess I'll keep it anyway. Hehe~

Rilakkuma Bag & Ribbon Princess Boots - I actually bought the Rilakkuma bag quite some time ago (as you can see, it already looks a bit worn out), I just completely forgot to make a post about it. It's just too cute and really useful since it's super big (;▽;) The boots are amazing too! So pretty, surprisingly comfy and fairly easy to walk in.

I'm so happy with all of this, but waah~ I already found so many other pretty things I want (╥﹏╥)


  1. Oh God I can't, cute stuff ; w;
    I was torturing myself yesterday, looking on Yumetenbo.... heavily tempted to buy a couple of coats and things from them as well, if I'm able to. fffff

  2. those boots are nice! Everything you buy is nice XD Lol

  3. Awwww~ sooo cute!! <33 I've wanted that poncho too forever but it has been so expensive since I bought the princess coat.. (T__T) Can't wait to see you wear these cutie~ !! (^uu^) <33

  4. Love the boots ^^

  5. Oh my! Everything is so cute~