Shojomonsta Wigs (Blonde & Pink Wig) & Make Up Store Blush (Chic) Review

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

This is the first time I'm doing two reviews in one post. I will mainly review the wig from Shojomonsta Wigs but I'm also doing a really quick one of a Make Up Store Blush (Chic). I'm wearing both of them in the pictures below.

Shojomonsta Wigs (Blonde & Pink Wig)


I'm usually not very found of light/platinum blonde, but I really love this color combination. The pink shade is perfect and the overall look of it kinda reminds me of cotton candy.

 Style & Length

I'm a little disappointed since it wasn't as curly as it appeared to be in the shop's pictures, but I'm still satisfied since I like soft curls too. The overall length and the bangs are just perfect, I didn't even have to trim them. I think it's perfectly wearable without any styling since It already has some volume, but I think it will look a lot nicer with some extra styling or at least with some kind of headpiece/accessory.

Texture & Quality

The hair is really smooth and doesn't get tangled like most wigs. I just have to brush it through every now and then to keep the curls nice and soft. However, it does look a bit too shiny in my opinion.

Overall Opinion

This wig is definitely suitable for many different styles and occasions since it's so cute yet casual. I really love this wig even though it didn't look exactly as I expected, and It actually took quite a while until I recieved it. But it was definitely worth the waiting.

Make Up Store Blush (Chic)

I haven't bought anything from Make Up Store in ages, but I happened to come across this one and I fell in love with it at first sight.

The color is a really sweet Strawberry pink with sparkles! It's very pigmented so you only need a very small amount of product when applying it. It's just too bad that the sparkles don't show up as much as I would want them to. All blushes I've used so far usually turn out in a kind of red tone, but this one stays true to it's color and shows up really bright and pink.

Whenever I use blush I usually have to touch it up since it fades pretty fast. But this one lasts for so long, pretty much all day. To keep it simple - I just love everything about it!


  1. hi dear
    would you like to follow each other?

  2. You look awesome in platinum blonde! And pink suits you so well too~

    Gasp! You cut your lower lashes in half! :D In my head, I will always know you with full lower lashes. It's your signature look to me, hehe~

    P.S. It took me more than 4 tries to post this comment. Freaking word verification is so hard these days. T.T

    1. Thank you~ (; u ;) ♥
      Yeap ~ I just wanted to try something slightly different, but I realized that the difference wasn't that big anyway, heeheee (^-^;;) I do prefer full lower lashes!

  3. What a gorgeous wig! Looks so good on you <3 I actually prefer soft curls because they look more natural imo


  4. I love the wig and it looks awfully cute on you! However, do you have any tips on how to make your wig less shiny? I have the same problem with one of mine..

    LucyHart <3

    1. I heard that you can use some kind of powder to make it less shiny, but I haven't tried it yet D:

  5. You are so beautiful... I'm your biggest fan♥