Essie Need A Vacation, Lovie Dovie & Lilacism & OPI Princesses Rule!

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Need A Vacation

A sweet bubblegum pink. This is probably one of my most favorite nail polishes ever. It's already pretty opaque but can require a second coat to really make it pop.

Lovie Dovie

A sweet, bright and rosy pink. I really like this one even though It's not really a unique color. I think it's great for everyday use when I feel like I need an extra pop of color.


This is a gorgeous and enchanting lilac (a pale violet) color. This one has also become one of my favorite nail polishes ever. It looks really nice together with "Need A Vacation" and OPI's "Panda-monium Pink".

Overall Opinion

Essie has an amazing range of high-quality polishes in fashionable colors. This has become my favorite brand when it comes to nail polishes. The wide application brush and aqueous consistency of these polishes makes the application go nice and smooth. All of these colors turn out opaque and pretty. They dry fast and last for a really long time. They stay on pretty much flawless for almost up to a week together with a good top coat.


Princesses Rule!

A semi-transparent, warm and sparkly pink Gel Color (which is pretty much a thicker and more long-lasting nail polish). It's actually not that amazing when used alone, but it looks gorgeous on top of any kind of pink nail polish. I use it a lot!

Panda-monium Pink

A really pretty pale pink with a hint of lavender. This one is pretty sheer and requires 2-3 coats to get a smooth and opaque finish. It has a really sweet and romantic feel to it.

Planks A Lot

A dusky lavender cream which is part of the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Summer 2011 Nail Polish Collection. This one also requires 2-3 coats for an opaque and even finish.

Overall Opinions

OPI also has a great range of unique colors. The consistency of "Panda-monium Pink" and "Planks A Lot" is also very aquotic and the application goes really smooth. It's a shame that they're so sheer since the colors are very pretty, but the final results are amazing. These last for quite a while too, especially "Princesses Rule!". I like these a lot, however, I think that I have to try out a few more of their polishes.

Close Up!


  1. cool i would like to buy the 'need a vacation' & lilacism nailpolish, because i like pastelcolour *-* ~

  2. These colours are all so girly and nice!

  3. They're all such cute colors~! I especially like Essie's Lilacism~! (@⌒ー⌒@)