Some of my Paintings & 小悪魔ageha × CECIL McBEE

Friday, September 28, 2012

I've been painting a lot recently since I haven't been able to blog much. I just finished a painting (the dark one) and it's now hanging on my wall together with my other favorites (^-^) And as you can see all of my wigs are there too. I really want to get some new ones (T_T)

I also got the October Issue of 小悪魔ageha today! Ah~ I just feel so inspired when "reading" 小悪魔ageha, especially when seeing Himena's outfits. They're always perfect! I got really excited when I saw this since I recently found and bought some items similar to the ones she's wearing in the pictures. This Issue also came with a Storage Case for Eyelashes/Make-up (with a Mirror) in Collaboration with CECIL McBEE. I'm not too thrilled about the design (or the brand in general), but it's going to be really useful.

Oh, and I'm glad to say that I will finally be able to blog more from now on. My MacBook is still being repaired, but my internet is back and I can at least use my old laptop. I'll do my best to update more often!

Have a great weekend, lovelies


  1. omg I really love those paintings! :o

  2. Your paintings are awesome! They match your look and style so perfectly :D I also love your wig collection, heh heh~

    1. Thank you so much! (;_;) I haven't really "displayed" my paintings in public like this before, so.. this means a lot to me (^_^;)