October Shopping (夢展望)

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Poncho Coat (Pink) & Mocomoco Fur Coat (Pink)

Cat Ear Parka Dress (Sax Blue) & Chiffon Dress (Pink)

Knee High Princess Boots (Pink), Princess Fur Boots (Pink) & Lolita Pumps (Pink)

Knit One-Piece (Pink) & Lace Shoulder Bag (Pink)

I found so many cute items at 夢展望! I just couldn't help buying all of it, especially since my previous order hasn't arrived yet (because of delayed shipping). My heart beats faster and I can't stop smiling by just looking at these pictures... (What? Shopping Addict? No, I'm just passionate!)
I'm seriously in love with all of these items, but just look at that fur coat! How cute is it?! I can't even imagine how cozy it'll be too, especially with those paws and legwarmers. Waaah~ I can't wait!


  1. aww the stuff you bought is super cute :) I really like the oversized sweaters :3


  2. Waaah, so much!!! It must have been so expensive >.<

    I seeeeriously want to try ordering directly from Rakuten and Yumetenbo now because of you! :D

    1. It's actually not that bad since the prices are relatively low, but the shipping cost is crazy D:
      Oh, how do you usually order from Yumetenbo? (o.o)
      Heh~ But yeah, you should do it! (^_^;)

  3. tack så jättemycket för ditt svar angående linserna! jag har länge undrat så det var väldigt skönt att få det klart för mig ^^

    ha det så bra <3

  4. I go crazy!! *_*
    I want to buy everything!! I hate that I can't decide on my own what i'm going to buy- my mom doesn't like those kind of clothes -_-
    I want to have my own style! TT^TT
    I want I want I want >.<