Ayano Tokumaru × Kawaii International (Hime Fashion Contest)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"Ayano who works in a Long established hime gyaru shop will be hosting the "Hime" Princess Fashion Contest on Kawaii International's Website.
Style yourself with your very own hime fashion, hair, makeup and accessories!
The theme that you use for your entires will also be carefully judged.

Photo your original hime fashion and send it in through the application form.

To participate in the contest, all you have to do is take and send the three kinds of photos:


You can write your theme and favorite points of your style for each photo.

For the top 3 winners, Ayano will give you her very own hime items!
Even if you are not chosen, we may introduce your amazing style on the program!"

1st Prize - One Piece

2nd Prize - Bag

3rd Prize - Hair Accessory

Check out more details and send your photos by going to the application form 

This is so exciting~ Good luck to everyone who is participating! I'll definitely give it a shot too!


  1. Omg, how fun! Squee! Good luck~!

  2. she is so cute la parfait i like her style :)