GEO Xtra WIA22 Blue (Sponsored Review)

Thursday, August 16, 2012


I usually don't care about the packaging but I gotta give UNIQSO an extra PLUS for this. The lenses came in this super cute box and I also got a lens case + Q-tip.

In Case

Natural Light

With Flash


Diameter: 15.00mm 
Water Content: 38%  
Base Curve: 8.60mm
Life Span: 12 months  
Place of Origin: Korea
Manufacturer: GEO


The design of these lenses is pretty extraordinary, and I love it! I really like how well they blend with the iris in contrast to the strong limbal ring. It gives you an extremely doll-like look - probably the best one out there!


When looking at the bare lens the color looks like a really vibrant blue but it turns out kinda turquoise when wearing them (probably because my eyes are green). It's a pretty color but I guess the green or brown ones would've suited me better in this case.


The enlargement is huge but not too overwhelming. I expected them to be a tiny bit bigger though.


They're very comfortable and I haven't had any kind of problems with them at this point.


I would say that these lenses are perfect for those who want really dolly eyes, and when I say dolly I mean dolly like a living plastic doll, which is awesome! These kind of lenses are probably very suitable for Cosplay but I think that they're wearable even for a more natural look too. However, I absolutely love them!

These lenses were sponsored by UNIQSO.
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  1. Whaddya know, I just got these too! I bought them though >.> But I didn't get a Q-tip!! What's it for anyways?

    I actually don't think they're super comfortable though! Like, I can definitely feel they're there, and it kinda scratches high up into my inner eyelid at first...

    But seeing them on you makes me realize how small my eyes are. T_T

    1. Hah~ What a coincidence! (^-^)
      I think it's for picking up the lens from the case I guess.. (o.o)

      Hm, that's weird.. Like I mentioned, I don't' have any problems with them at all!

      Small? .. SMALL? I think your eyes look huge! I'm actually kinda jealous of how pretty they are, hehe~ (._.')
      I actually think that my eyes are relatively small compared to the rest of my though face lol xD

  2. Wow! This pair is so pretty! : D

  3. These are super awesome lenses! They look so good with your make up ! What lashes are using ,they look super cool *-*
    Love your style on doing reviews ~ =ww=

    1. Hehe~ Thank you (^-^)
      The upper lashes are Dolly Wink No.2 and I got the bottom lashes from eBay (I don't know the brand name though) (^_^;)

  4. wow :) looks lovely on you

  5. awww.... cute!!! i'm having a circle lens giveaway on my blog.
    do visit me :)

  6. Hi! I wonder if you know any sites that sells lenses with +power? I can only find sites with -power ;_; please help me <3

  7. I found your photos in a circle lens store here:

    I am currently trying to prove a point that this store is not only selling not authentic GEO lenses, but is also stealing blogger's photos (they claim they got these photos by their customers, but I know they took mine without myknowledge / agreement):

    So this mails serves to letting you know that your photos were used there, possibly without your permission. Maybe you do not mind, I know I did. :(