UppCon XII

Sunday, June 17, 2012

UppCon XII was held during the 15th to 17th June, and it was the last UppCon ever. Me and MK went there in the last minute to participate in the Fashion Show! I didn't take any pictures at all, so I just picked out some of my favorite pictures that I borrowed from Konventsbilder.se.


SCREW were one of the 4 Japanese Musicians that performed live during UppCon XII. The other artists are m.o.v.e., Jun Elding, and DJ KAYA.

The awesome people that participated in the Fashion Show (I'm the sausage at the bottom right)

Very few pictures were taken during the Fashion Show and the only pictures I could find are seriously horrible. But just being The Fashion Show was so much fun and I would love to do something like that again!

The one who arranged and planned this whole Fashion Show was Becci! And therefore I want to give her a special thanks for doing such a great job!


I wasn't really interested in any of the other events besides the Fashion Show, but I had a pretty great time. It was really nice just to hang out with friends, check out the stuff that was being sold at the market and singing Karaoke! Although, I'm pretty sure that I won't be going to any conventions for a while now.

All of the pictures are taken from Konventsbilder.se and belong to their rightful owners.


  1. OMG what is that colorful room and furniture in the first pic?!

    Hmm..so I could be wrong...but I don't see/recognize you in any of the pics except the group pic.... -.-

    Fashion show sounds so fun! So you walked down a runway~? Wahh~~ ^o^

    1. Gaming room! It looks nice, right?! (^-^)
      Hehe, you're completely right! The group picture is the only one I'm in since I couldn't find any other nice pics of myself... I'm not very photogenic (T^T)
      Yeah, it was awesome! We only walked on a really small stage, so it's nothing big, but still really fun~