Midsummer in Stockholm and back in Sundsvall

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Right after UppCon XII I went to Stockholm and stayed at MK's place for two days. I also have to mention that I met this really sweet girl, Line, on the train home. She told me that she reads my blog and I got really surprised but happy at the same time! We held each other company almost all the way home since It turned out that she only lives a couple of stations away from MK.

We were so exhausted when we got home, so we just rested all day long. We had a small party on Tuesday since MK was going to Serbia for a while. I went back to Mio's place on Wednesday and had a Gaming Night with some of her friends.

We spent Midsummer at a friend's place since he was arranging a party with a special surprise. The surprise turned out to be some mutual friends that had come back to Sweden after living in Japan for a long time. I'm only slightly acquainted with them but it was a really pleasant surprise! I had so much fun since there were so many nice people there.

Me and Mio had to go to Sundsvall the very next day since I got an important assignment. I missed Stockholm a lot but I'm really glad to be back in Sundsvall, especially since Mio is visiting me here for the first time. I'm really looking forward to it! She's going to stay for about a week and I'll try to show her as much as possible of this small town during her stay. We'll have a lot to do and I apologize in advance for making fewer posts than usual.