Twinkle Eyes Donguri Series Gray

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The design reminds of the Candy Magic King/Big Size Series. Even though my natural eyecolor is completely different from the color of the lens, the design makes it melt together and blend in really well. The outer circle is very thick wich gives you a "Doll Eye" effect. Not recommended if you want a natural look.

The color is really pretty and noticable since these lenses are very thick, wich makes the color of the lens more intense and doesn't let much of your natural eyecolor show, wich I personally like very much. In certain lightning the color might appear slightly blue. The color might appear different than in picture depending on your natural eyecolor.

Despite the thickness of the lenses they are very comfortable and wearable for several hours without making your eyes dry. I can't even feel that I'm wearing them at all.

Even though I'm used to use lenses at least 14.8 in diameter, I still get a desirable enlargment.


  1. :o~! Those look similar to mine: But mine are darker

  2. makeup tutorial in the pictures please? and I love grey color contacts c: