My Trip to Tokyo

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Since this was the very first time I visited Tokyo, many of my friends told me not to have too high expectations. But Tokyo was much better than I ever could've imagined in every single way. I hope these pictures will be enough to explain what a wonderful time I had during the 2 weeks I spent in Tokyo.

Me and Dominique stayed at a Hotel in Kameido since we arrived 2 days before the others. We walked around with our big bags in about 2 hours before we found the Hotel.

Two days passed and the others finally arrived. This is the Hotel Room me and Diana shared at Sunshine Prince Hotel in Ikebukuro.

The view from our Hotel Room at Prince Hotel.

You can find Hotels like this everywhere. This was just a random one I happned to pass in Ikebukuro. I never went inside this one.

The main entrance at Shibuya 109.

LOVER'S ROCK somewhere between Harajuku and Shibuya (I think...).

The Shibuya 109 Building.

Takeshita Dori (竹下通り) in Harajuku.

Angels Heart at Takeshita Dori.

The first thing we did when we had dropped off our baggage at the Hotel was to eat, at McDonald's! Heh, I guess it's a pretty boring place to eat when you visits another country, but the food at McDonald's here was actually much better than in Sweden or any other country I've been to.

My favourite food and drink! Tuna & Mayo Onigiri (シーチキンマヨネーズ) & Calpis Water (カルピスウォーター). I ate this all the time!

Angels Heart's Crepes. The very first time I tried crepes! I loved the filling, but I wasn't really found of the pancake. I could as well just have eaten plain Ice cream. It looks really cute and I love that there are so many different and creative fillings, but It's not really my type of Dessert.

Ate a delicious dinner at a traditional Japanese restaurant in Ikebukuro.

Me and a friend went to a small traditional restaurant in Asakusa because he wanted me to try some real Japanese food. I don't remember the exact name of the dishes, but at least it's some kind of Soba. This was actually one of the most delicious dishes I've ever tried!

The pretty boys of Seremedy Backstage (Dressing Room)! One of the reasons that I went to Tokyo was because I was asked to help Seremedy with their Make Up during some of their gigs. It went very well even though I'm not used to do the kind of Make-up they wear.

Backstage! YOHIO, SEIKE and Myself.

My first time at Karaoke! I was too sober to sing anything, and it was way to hard for me to keep up with the lyrics anyway, heh~ However, It was really fun!

Me and Dominique got invited to dinner by these two - Keita and Jui!

Sensoji (浅草寺) in Asakusa. I didn't plan to go to Asakusa when I first arrived to Tokyo, but Yuki insisted to take me there since it's my first time in Japan.

STAR★CAFE in Shinjuku. This is where we mostly hung out after gigs or just to party. Sadly, this was the only normal picture I managed to get, because everything went completely crazy! I think it's better for us all if those pictures will be kept private...

Halloween at STAR★CAFE! Diana, Ebu and Dominique.


Purikura (プリクラ) Booths in Shibuya.

Me and Dominique were too lazy to decorate the pictures this time, so we let the boys do the job!

This is some of the Shopping I did! I'm pretty surprised that I actually didn't buy that much. I bought mostly Make-Up and spent way to much money on food and other things.

Older Issues of egg, Ageha and PopSister.

Dolly Wink No.1 Dolly Sweet & No.5 Real Nude

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner & Pencil Eyeliner

GURIGULASH Top Lashes and Bottom Lashes

Rilakkuma iPhone 4 Case & Rilakkume Cell Phone Strap

This isn't really Shopping, but me and JENZiiH won these at an Ufo Catcher in Ikebukuro. I'm really proud of them!

I wish I would've taken more photos than I did (I also want to apologize for some blurry pictures), because I experienced so much more than this.

The things that I probably enjoyed the most was the Shopping and Partying. I was partying pretty much every night! I had so much fun, and every day was cra~zy! There is so much more to tell, but some things might be best left unsaid.

The point is that I had the best time of my entire life, and I want to go back to Tokyo as soon as possible.

Party Hard! (at Jonas and Agnes's Place)

Friday, November 11, 2011