Emilia's 19th Birthday

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Little Emilia is turning 19 years old! We celebrated her birthday by going to a café called Petite France (So typical lolita...). We spent quite a while there; Just talking, eating and watching Emilia open her presents. It felt like I didn't really fit in among all Lolitas, but it was really fun~



Sunday, September 11, 2011


Dear My Love 2011 A/W Concept ~A fairy tale love~ (夢展望)

Ugly Gaming Night

Friday, September 9, 2011

Emi and André came up with this fun idea that we should have a gaming night and everyone should dress up to be as ugly as possible.

Me and MK decided to go for Manba/Ganguro style. Since it was the first time for us both to attempt looks like these we got way too serious about it, so in the end we both though that it didn't turn out as ugly as we had planned. Actually, I think that we looked pretty cool, haha~

MK (Manba), Me (Ganguro), Emi ("Dirty 80's Slut") & Julia (Hobo)

Lala ("Ugly School Girl"), André (Ganguro/Manba/Something) & Emilia ("Neko")

We played Tekken and Singstar (and Silent Hill too, I think) pretty much all night. We had a really great time, but the most hilarious part was probably when we were on our way to André, and got all those looks from people who saw us on the subway. Their expressions were priceless!

Gals be Cruisin'

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Silja Galaxy Cruise Ship! Doesn't really look so fancy as it sounds though...

Woah~ I had such a great time, and I got crazy drunk~ I usually don't throw up when I drink, but I hadn't eaten anyhing at all that day, so well, I guess you can figure out what happened at the end. Shit happens! I was so lucky that everyone took so good care of me~

I didn't take so many pictures since we were mostly running around on the boat and having fun. Aaand, my battery died... Stay tuned for more pictures~

Tokyo Expo (Stockholm)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tokyo Expo is a Japan-Centric event that was held in Häggvik, Stockholm this fall (3-4 September).

Denise, Emilia and Ellinor - on our way to Tokyo Expo. Emilia and Ellinor were cosplaying the Little Twin Stars.

Woah, this picture turned out really strange...

This girl was sooo sweet (Sorry sweetie, I forgot your name)! She and her friend came up to me and asked "Aren't you nickipon?", and then they started talking about that they read my blog and that I should blog more, haha. So Cute~

Ellinor and Emilia on day 2.
To be honest, Tokyo Expo sucked. I personally think that you who weren't there didn't miss a shit. The only good thing about it was that some of the stores actually sold some pretty sweet stuff, and meeting new interesting people was also nice. But except that, everything was bullshit. Others might have found this really fun, but it just wasn't my kind of event.