[Review] Vassen Rainbow Eyes Light Greenish (On Green Eyes)

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Hi, dreamers! ♡  Lovehsoppingholics kindly sent me some lenses from the Vassen Rainbow Eyes Series in Light Greenish, Greenish Blue, Grayish Blue and Brownish Hazel and I'll be reviewing all of them in my upcoming posts. In this post I'm going to review the Vassen Rainbow Eyes in Light Greenish, so let's get straight to it!

These lenses are a beautiful mix of pinkish purple and blue with a small hint of a greenish yellow - It's a very pretty and unique color combination. The color is very vibrant and opaque and show up well on the eyes, but the inner edge is quite sharp and doesn't blend in well with the natural eye color. This is something I usually don't like in a pair of lenses, but in this case It's quite nice because it helps the colors to stand out more. 

At 14.5mm, these aren't the biggest lenses I've tried, but the enlarging effect is one of the best I've seen. They look huge which is something I personally like a lot. I was a bit worried about the comfort because they look and feel thick and heavy at first glance, but after trying them out and letting my eyes get used to them for a few minutes, I couldn't even feel that I was wearing them at all. 

Without Lens vs. With Lens
 With Both Lenses
Side Glance

I honestly wasn't sure what I thought about these lenses at first because of the strong design and unique colors, but after trying them on I actually grew quite fond of them. The colors are very pretty both in pictures and in person. The small hint of greenish yellow also compliments my natural eye color really nicely. I think these lenses will suit any eye color because they're so opaque and the colors will show up well even on dark eyes. They are probably best suited for those who want a dramatic and unique look.

At last but not least, here's a selfie! It's hard to see all of the details and pretty colors from afar so this pictures doesn't really give the lenses justice. Anyway, I hope it gives you an idea of what they look like in real life. 

There is actually another line of circle lenses which are also called Vassen Rainbow Eyes - even the names and colors are almost the same, but the designs are quite different. I made a review of one of the color variations from the other Vassen Rainbow Eyes collection, also called Light Greenish. Click here to check it out and see the difference. 

This concludes my review of the Vassen Rainbow Eyes in Light Greenish. Stay tuned to see my upcoming reviews of the Vassen Rainbow Eyes Lenses in Greenish Blue, Grayish Blue and Brownish Hazel.

Head over to Loveshoppingholics if you want to get your own pair of the Vassesn Rainbow Eyes in Light Greenish!

Thank you so much for reading. Bye for now, dreamers

Today's Look - Clear frames & clear choker

Monday, May 7, 2018

Hello, dreamers!

It's finally getting warm and sunny here in Seoul which means that it's time to put on our sunglasses!

I have so many pairs of sunglasses but there's always room for more, so I couldn't resist to buy these sunglasses with clear frames and purple lenses as soon as I saw them. I felt like they were made for me!

I found them at H&M but for some reason I can't find them at H&M's online store, at least neither at the Korean nor the Swedish store which is weird because I got them at H&M here in Hongdae, Seoul. They weren't on sale or anything so it didn't seem like they'd be discontinued or anything anytime soon. Hmm.

In any case, H&M has so many cool sunglasses now so I kinda want to get some more next time I go there. I really want to get a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses next!

What kind of sunglasses will you be wearing this summer? Let me know in the comments so we can inspire each other!

Thank you so much for reading. Bye for now, dreamers!

Today's Outfit ☾ Cropped Hoodie & High Waist Shorts

Friday, May 4, 2018

Hello, dreamers! I've been doing some shopping for summer clothes these days which is quite hard because I'm very picky when it comes to clothes (or in general, actually) and there aren't many stores here in Seoul that suit my taste. However, I went to H&M in Hongdae to try my luck the other day and stumbled upon this awesome cropped hoodie. It was even on Sale so I felt super lucky! 


I love everything about the shape and design of this hoodie, especially the long trumpet sleeves, but what really got me was the awesome print. I also got the black High Waist Shorts which is a must have in my summer wardrobe. I can pretty much wear them together with anything. What do you think of this outfit? I love it and I'm definitely going to wear this combo a lot before it gets too hot here. 

It's actually been quite a while since I last made an outfit post on my blog. Whenever I take pictures of my outfits I focus on posting them on Instagram so I just leave it at that and forget to post anything on my blog. Oops! I was really happy with this outfit and the pictures tho so it suddenly struck me that I had to post them here too. 

Would you like to see more outfit pictures on my blog? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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[Review] PrincessPinky Cloudy Blue (on Green Eyes)

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Hello, dreamers! I'm back with another review of a pair of lenses from PinkyParadise. This time I'm doing a review of the Princess Pinky Lenses in Cloudy Blue. I've done a review of the Princess Pinky lenses in Cloudy Green in the past so click here to check it out.

Color & Design: The color is a beautiful pale and icy blue which is similar to the shade people with naturally blue eyes have. The limbal ring is a soft darker blue color. The color is quite opaque but looks soft because of the cloudy pattern which I really like because it makes them look natural compared to other lenses. Although they don't cover the iris completely they blend in very well with the natural eye color so I think these lenses will look good on any eye color. However, I think they will suit light eyes, like blue and green, for the color to show up more and will give a more natural feel.

Enlargement & Comfort: The diameter is 14.5mm and I think it gives me just the right amount of enlargement. Most light-colored lenses I've tried are quite small or don't really give a big enlarging effect even if the diameter is on the large side. In any case, I think the size and enlarging effect of these lenses is perfect. They are also very comfortable. These days I've gotten quite a lot of headaches which usually get worse if my eyes get tired and dry because of wearing lenses, but these lenses have worked really great for me! I can't feel any discomfort or side-effects at all when I'm wearing them.

Overall: The Cloudy Green lenses are my favourite lenses ever when I want a natural look and the Cloudy Blue share first place with them because they also look natural but give my eyes a different vibe. I think the Cloudy Green lenses give my eyes a charming and cute look, while the Cloudy Blue lenses give off a more cool and mysterious vibe.

To sum things up, the reason why I like these lenses so much is that they are a light color with a soft limbal ring but they're opaque and change the color of my eyes completely. On top of that they are quite big and give a very nice enlarging effect, all the while still looking very natural. Everything about these lenses is just perfect!

At last but not least, here's a super blurry selfie (taken with my phone).
I dyed my hair blue, by the way (duh)! I did a review and a video of this hair dye. Click here to check it out!

That sums up my review of the Princess Pinky Lenses in Cloudy Blue. Click here to check out the review I made of these lenses in Cloudy Green and don't forget to visit PinkyParadise to browse through lots of other Circle Lenses.

Thank you so much for checking out this post, I hope you enjoyed it. Bye for now, dreamers!

[Review] eZn Real Milk Hair Color Pastel Blue [리뷰] 이지엔 리얼 밀크 헤어컬러 파스텔 블루

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Hello, dreamers ♡ In this post I'll be doing another review of the eZn Real Milk Hair Color. I've previously tried this hair dye in both Pastel Purple and Pastel Brown and I really liked them both, so I'm very excited to try it in another color. This time I'm trying out the one in Pastel Blue. Let's check it out!

First of all I just have to say that the packaging is so cute which was what initially made me want to try these hair dyes.

 Hair Dye (1 Bottle, 1 Cream)
 Plastic Gloves
 Plastic Gown
• Instructions
• Conditioner

The application from start to finish is comfortable and easy. It's great that it includes a pair of gloves in addition to a plastic gown to cover my clothes. I have quite short hair which only reaches to my chin, but a full bottle barely managed to cover all of my hair completely. So if you have longer hair than me, I recommend you to get more than one box if you want to get an even and full coverage.

The hair dyes of this series always come out very pretty and this one is no exception. My hair was quite yellowish to begin with (a lot more than it shows in the picture) so I was a bit worried that it might turn out greenish which is something I really didn't want. But to my surprise, my hair turned into to a beautiful and vibrant pastel blue color after using this hair dye. It covered even the overly bleached and damaged tips of my hair very well which most toners and hair dyes can't do because it just won't stick to my hair. In any case, I'm very happy with how it turned out.


From my previous experience, this hair dye starts to fade already after the first wash and disappears almost completely after about 2 weeks depending on how many times I wash my hair. In my opinion this is actually quite nice because it gives me the chance to try out and experiment with different hair colors without having to commit to that particular color for a long time. This is especially true in this case because I already know that I won't be wanting to keep my hair blue for a long time - I just wanted to try something new temporarily.

Although the color covered my hair well and turned my hair to a vibrant and beautiful pastel blue, it almost didn't dye my fresh regrowth at all, only turning it into a cool ash color instead of the natural dark blonde color I had there. So, this hair dye is definitely only suited for bleached (or naturally light blonde) hair if you want to get a result that is close to what is shown on the box.

Check out this video if you want to see me in the process of trying out this hair dye.

Thank you so much for reading and watching. I hope you enjoyed and be sure to let me know what you think in the comments. Bye for now, dreamers ♡